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“La Pizzica”. Welcome in the land of Taranta

Our grandparents used to tell us a story about a big spider, “Tarantola”, that frequently bit people living in Salento. The victims, if men, were affected by the desire to retire in pleasant and solitary places, if women, by the desire to dance without inhibition showing their intimate parts (attitudes linked to ancient Greek erotic rituals).

The only way for these unlucky persons to heal was to listen to ’’Pizzica’’ tune, played by local musicians, and dance until the spider died. In the reality this uninhibited dancing represented the way to express and maybe heal an intimate suffering, due to a social situation where lower-class women  faced very difficult conditions. In recent years this traditional music has been rediscovered so that “pizzica” today is an aggregation ritual that attracts thousands of people, mainly youths. Its beat is so captivating that nobody can stay indifferent.

During the hot summer nights its common listening to the “pizzica” and that takes you into an archaic dimension. The bodies shake in the music, the crowd forms a circle, ’’La Ronda’’, within which people dance. The sensual dance simulate the courting and it’s impossible to  foresee what can happen.