Antico Camino


Santa Maria di Leuca

Knowing the etymology of the name “Santa Maria di Leuca” is sufficient to imagine in a second a white and bright town. The name in fact derives from Leukòs, meaning white in Greek. On its promontory stands the Basilica, fortified in 1700 against the attacks of the Turks and Saracens,[...]


Gallipoli is a unique and amazing seaside place of Salento. The “Pearl of the Ionian sea” is located about 40 km from Lecce and its name means “Beautiful City”. Its territory is divided between the village and the old town. The old town is perched on an island of calcareous[...]


Once arrived in Otranto, we recommend a visit to the historic city centre, surrounded by the mighty walls of Castello Aragonese, with pentagonal shape, built in the XV century by Ferdinand I of Aragon. It consists of three round towers and of a powerful bastion that stretches toward the port.[...]


Lecce, called “Florence of the South”, lies on a plain at the foot of Salento plateau. It is one of the most interesting towns of the region for its architectures, seventeenth-century typically. Lecce is the triumph of Barocco, of which you can enjoy the beauty wandering through churches, squares and[...]