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Gallipoli is a unique and amazing seaside place of Salento. The “Pearl of the Ionian sea” is located about 40 km from Lecce and its name means “Beautiful City”.

Its territory is divided between the village and the old town. The old town is perched on an island of calcareous origin and is connected to the mainland and the modern town by an arch bridge dating back to 1900. Newly built instead is another bridge that stretches out towards the port. The towers, the walls, the bastions give this city a charm of another era. At the time, built with the intent to protect the city from invaders, today they shelter it from sea storms. The coast is characterized by the alternation of long white beaches and low cliffs and is lined with a very long promenade that gets very crowded mainly during summer. Among the historic and artistic beauties are the Angevin Castle and the greek fountain.

In the moat of the imposing Castle is fish marketplace, where the locals buy the fresh fish. It is one of the few castles almost completely surrounded by the sea and offers the possibility di immerse yourself in history through galleries, fortified towers and majestic rooms. The greek fountain, actually of Renaissance origin, is considered Italy’s oldest fountain (it is said to have been built around the third century b.C.). Behind the fountain overlook the sanctuary of Santa Maria del Canneto and the chapel of Santa Cristina, the Saint venerated by sailors and patron Saint of the city.