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“LA CUTURA” botanical garden

A few km away from Muro Leccese you can visit the Botanical Garden “La Cutura” (from “cute”, meaning  “stone” in the local dialect), an old farm build following the typical nineteenth-century rural style.

“La Cutura” is like a stone Heaven, unique of its kind in Italy, extended across a surface of 35 hectares containing one of the richest fat and tropical plants collection.

Within the botanical garden “La Cutura” it’s also possible to enjoy a walk along a rose-lined avenue, an aromatic plant garden and flowerbed of mediterranean and medicinal plants, between the papyrus and water lilies pond, the rocky garden, through the citrus grove and the holm oak wood. It is furthermore possible visiting a thousand squared meters greenhouse where there are more than 2000 types of very rare fat plants.

Visit the official website for further information.